A Guide to HOA Board Responsibilities In Georgia

A Guide to HOA Board Responsibilities In Georgia

Have you ever thought about joining an HOA board? Do you wonder if your community is doing everything to flourish?

The idea of an HOA is fabulous, but each community is different. Its success depends on every board member a great deal.

What should great HOA boards do in Georgia? Read on to break down the members' responsibilities.

HOA Management

The HOA board is responsible for managing the affairs of the community. This includes enforcing rules and regulations outlined in the HOA's governing documents. They have to pay close attention to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

These rules are designed to maintain property values and make sure that every homeowner in the community is happy.

Rentals in HOA Community

In Georgia, HOAs often regulate rental properties within the community. The HOA board may establish guidelines regarding rental restrictions, such as the duration of leases or the number of rental properties allowed. These regulations aim to preserve the community's residential character and prevent issues associated with absentee landlords.

Some communities may agree to not accept any rentals at all. Both decisions come with lots of thought and revisiting the issue if there's room for community growth.

HOA Property Maintenance

One of the primary responsibilities of the HOA board is to oversee property maintenance within the community. This includes looking after the following things:

  • Swimming pools
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Sidewalks
  • Streetlights

The board may also enforce standards for individual property maintenance to uphold the community's aesthetic appeal. The goal is to keep the whole community looking amazing. The board has to get any broken amenities back in shape so residents can maintain their quality of life.

HOA Fees

HOA fees, also known as assessments, are collected from homeowners to cover the costs of maintaining common areas and funding community services. The HOA board is responsible for establishing the amount of these fees and managing the association's finances. This includes the following:

  • Creating an annual budget
  • Collecting dues
  • Allocating funds for various expenses, such as landscaping, repairs, and insurance

HOA Board Members

The HOA board consists of elected homeowners who volunteer their time to serve the community. Board members are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the association and representing the interests of all residents. They must act in accordance with the HOA's governing documents and uphold their fiduciary duty to the community.

In Georgia, HOA board members have specific responsibilities outlined by state law. These may include the following:

  • Maintaining accurate financial records
  • Providing access to association documents for homeowners
  • Adhering to transparency requirements for board meetings

An HOA Board in Georgia Has a Lot to Accomplish

Understanding the responsibilities of the HOA board is essential for homeowners living in a community association in Georgia. By working together with the board and abiding by established rules and regulations, residents can contribute to a thriving community for all to enjoy.

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