Choosing the Right Association Management Company: Factors to Consider

Choosing the Right Association Management Company: Factors to Consider

Georgia is one of the most popular states to relocate to in the United States. The Peach State has experienced population growth in 12 out of 12 years dating back to 2010. During this time, the number of Georgians increased by more than 1.2 million people.

With so many people relocating to Georgia, the demand for housing has never been higher. As a result, Atlanta ranks 12th for real estate development in the entire country. Many of these new homes belong to a homeowners' association (HOA).

Read on to learn factors to consider when choosing association management companies. Explore what traits to look for in a community manager.

Strong Reputation

You want to do your research before hiring an HOA manager. This is a pivotal position for keeping HOA dues down and maintaining a beautiful community.

The internet is a powerful tool for researching association managers. You can read reviews and customer testimonials to see if they have a favorable reputation.

Social media is an equally good resource for researching HOA management companies. You can ask your connections for professional referrals. If they have good experience with an HOA manager, it is more likely that you will too.

Relevant Experience

Many property managers advertise their experience in real estate. The challenge for consumers is finding a community manager with the right experience.

Has the association management company managed a community as large as yours? Managing a community of 100 homes is much different than one with just a dozen homes.

You also want to make sure that the company has experience with your community's service needs. For example, your community may have a swimming pool or hot tub. You want to hire a company that has treated these amenities and kept them clean for their residents.

Cost Control

Controlling members' costs is one of the primary functions of the HOA board. When they set HOA dues for the community, the association manager's salary is a cost that they need to cover. Before hiring an association manager, you want to get a detailed cost estimate.

You also want to make sure they have an effective track record of keeping community expenses down. For instance, the HOA manager handles all exterior maintenance like lawn care, leaf pickup, and power washing. Does the association manager negotiate good service deals with their contractors?

Priority Status

Some HOA managers have so many clients that they cannot prioritize your community. They are stretched too thin, and this leads to a drop in service.

Before hiring a company, you should see how it allocates resources. Will the assigned manager support your community 100% of the time? If there are other communities in play, location comes into play.

Your Guide to Shopping for Association Management Companies

You are now ready to find an association manager near Hoschton, GA. It is important to find a company that makes your community a priority and has a strong reputation.

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