Exploring Association Management: Best Practices and Strategies for Success

Exploring Association Management: Best Practices and Strategies for Success

Do you want to transform your HOA into an enviable community where everyone wants to live? Besides enjoying the benefits of HOA living, property owners want to see the value of their assets increase.

It takes effective leadership and proper management for an HOA to become a great community. Without these, it's hardly possible to achieve this goal.

Let's unpack some best practices and strategies for successful association management.

A Competent HOA Board

Every homeowner's association is led by an HOA board. The board is comprised of residents who have been elected to serve as members for a specific period. The board of directors in turn elects a president or chairman of the board, who then takes on roles such as facilitating meetings, appointing committees, and being the HOA's spokesperson.

The competence of an HOA board goes a long way in shaping the progress of the community. A board that appreciates and understands the monumental task of leading an HOA will make decisions that are in the best interest of the community at large.

The key to having a competent board is having members with strong leadership skills and dedication to the role. HOA residents should examine all those who stand up for election to the board and vote for those with the right qualities.

HOA Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

HOAs have governing documents that flesh out rules and regulations residents need to observe.

These CC&Rs have a big impact on the performance of HOA, the same way a constitution will influence the course of a nation. HOA rules and regulations should be fair to everyone and generally support the development of a harmonious community. Boards must ensure these rules are applied fairly and with transparency.

Importantly, these CC$Rs aren't set in stone. As the needs of an HOA community change, there's a need to update the governing documents. The board should ensure adequate participation from the residents so that the changes truly reflect the desires of the community.

Professional Association Management

More often than not, it takes more than a competent HOA board to run a great community. If you investigate, you'll find that the best HOAs have hired professional property managers to oversee various administration functions. This includes the billing and collection of HOA fees, budgeting, maintenance of communal facilities, and supervision of vendors.

Hiring a professional association manager is a smart move because you're getting somebody whose full-time job is to look after the affairs of the community. However competent, HOA board members are not employees of the community. They have personal affairs to attend to and as such won't be able to give their board membership roles the necessary dedication.

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