HOA Holiday Decorating in Jefferson, GA: 5 Guidelines for Residents

HOA Holiday Decorating in Jefferson, GA: 5 Guidelines for Residents

The market for Christmas decorations is on track to surpass $7.5 billion, which shows just how much it means to people. When you're running a homeowners association (HOA), you have to have holiday decoration rules, guidelines, and regulations in place.

You don't have to be the Grinch, but your property will be better off when you establish order and enforce these rules. The tips below will assist you in creating your HOA holiday decorating policies.

1. Establish Clear Limits

The best thing you can do is to express the rules and limits as clearly as possible. Leave out ambiguity so that your HOA community understands exactly what they can and can't do.

Decide on the level of penalty that you're willing to issue for an infraction. Explain the types of decorations that are allowed, and include measurements, colors, and other important details. Homeowners associations thrive on rules, so don't be afraid to get as specific as you need to.

2. Keep Fire Code in Mind

A big reason that holiday decorations get limited is because they pose potential fire risks. Some communities don't allow people to purchase and decorate live trees for this reason. An overheating bulb can set the tree on fire, which can put the entire surrounding property in peril.

The same applies when you attach lights to your roof or other parts of the structure. Aside from safety, consult the fire code in your municipality to make sure that your holiday decoration rules are in compliance. This not only protects your property but will also help you to avoid liabilities.

3. Consider Attachment Tools and Processes

Do your due diligence when also explaining how people can post and attach holiday lights. This is important since nails and other attachments might damage the property or create other issues.

Include these attachment options in your rules and bylaws, and offer fines for residents who break them.

4. Think About Electrical Output

Make sure that you also keep up with the electrical output that holiday decorations are responsible for. Knowing how much electricity they consume can help you put caps in place.

This way, tenants aren't allowed to go so overboard with the decorations that it runs up electrical bills in the entire community.

5. Consult With HOA Professionals

Finally, be sure that you work with HOA professionals who can help you create the right rules. HOA managers will guide your board and can come up with templates and rule sets that will fit your property.

They can also help you with the enforcement and communication of these rules.

HOA Holiday Decorating 101

The five points above are worthwhile when you're interested in HOA holiday decorating and want to get the most from it. Consider these tips and take the next steps to get help from professionals who can assist you further.

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