HOA Property Managers: Providing Professional Expertise to Homeowners Associations

HOA Property Managers: Providing Professional Expertise to Homeowners Associations

22% of Georgia's homes are situated in homeowners associations.

If you live in a Jefferson-based HOA, you might be wondering why your association isn't doing more for you. There are plenty of examples of HOA horror stories that signal a serious problem with community leadership.

A community is only as good as those guiding it, so if yours is letting you down, it's time to consider hiring HOA property managers. In today's post, we'll explain how property management services can help your HOA in Jefferson. Keep reading and learn what they do and how they do it.

HOA Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of HOA living is having a well-maintained community. Communities that look good and feel safe are more desirable to live in, which can drive up property values in addition to making existing homeowners happier.

To properly maintain an HOA, you need good vendor coordination. This involves developing contracts and scheduling vendors so that they come regularly. If your HOA board fails to do this, your community may fall into disrepair.

HOA property management comes with existing vendor relationships. Whether you need to schedule regular garbage pickup or emergency repairs, a solid vendor will be one call away.

Accounting Services

Every HOA in the country relies on HOA dues to pay for everything from community maintenance to new amenities. If your HOA leaders don't know how to manage the money coming in, the HOA will run out of money and fees will end up rising.

This is unacceptable for most HOA members. Another great thing that management services provide is professional accounting. They'll take care of fee collection, as well as bookkeeping and budgeting duties for the entire community.


All homeowners associations have unique governing documents that tell homeowners what they can and can't do. Many of the rules are centered around things like rentals, pet allowances, and property appearances.

If your HOA board has trouble dealing with rule breakers, your community will suffer. An HOA manager can issue penalties to these bad actors and mediate conflicts between homeowners to make your community a better place to live.

Meetings and Planning

HOA meetings bring entire communities together to solve issues. If your meetings aren't properly organized, you'll never get to the bottom of any problems, big or small.

Aside from managing residential properties, HOA managers also manage personalities. They can run organized meetings that ensure every homeowner's voice is heard. Even more importantly, they're equipped to turn meeting plans into actual projects.

The Best HOA Property Managers in Jefferson

If your Jefferson real estate is in an HOA, there's no reason that you can't turn your community into a thriving entity. With the help of great HOA property managers, all of the biggest problems in your community can be solved.

PMI 23 East is a subset of one of the largest property management companies in the country. We offer comprehensive HOA management services that include everything discussed here.

Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how we can help.